I can’t believe we are less than 3 months from meeting our little one! 

We received our crib from Delta Children and absolutely love it! It is perfect in every way and matches the minimalist look we are going for. Even though our baby will sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first few months, I still want to get the nursery ready for play time and naps. We added these greenery decals from Amazon and they look great. So excited to keep adding to our nursery little by little. Will share final pictures once done.
One of my biggest regrets with my son Arian's pregnancy, is that I did not take many pictures. It makes me so sad that I look back at those nine months and I only have a handful of bump pictures to remember such a special time in my life. 

I think one of the reasons I did not take many pictures is because Arian was our rainbow baby. We miscarried our first baby at 9 weeks in February 2018, and soon after, April 2018, we found out we were expecting our son. Throughout my pregnancy, I was always very worried. I remember telling myself not to get too attached because I did not want to go through another heartbreak. I think subconsciously I avoided taking pictures, just in case something did happen. 

This is my third pregnancy, and even though I continue thinking about the possibility of a miscarriage I told myself I would take all the pictures I could to have memories to look back. I have tried my best to capture weekly photos of my bump, and I am so happy! I love that I can have these to look back at and show my future little one what their sweet bump looked like. 

So, I know it can be hard to feel up for taking pictures, especially with the fatugue, nausea, and everything else that comes with pregnancy. But my advice to you is, T A K E T H O S E P I C T U R E S! You will not regret it. 
How did we hit the 20 week mark already? 

Honestly, time is flying and I feel like baby will be here next thing we know. This pregancy has been a lot different than my pregnancy with my son. I definitely feel very different this time around, inside and out. For starters, my belly popped out the moment I found out I was pregnant lol. At six weeks I already had a bump, I know it was mostly bloating probably, but this never happened with my first pregnancy. 

My bump at 6 weeks. 

Another difference is this baby kicks a whole lot more than my son did. I started feeling movements with my son at aeound 16 weeks, this time around it started at 15 weeks but they were definitely stronger. I am only 20 weeks and this baby is already keeping me up at night with those kicks! Baby definitely wants me moving lol, it kicks me the most if I am sitting or laying. Maybe I can use this as motivation to get more workouts in, right? HA! 

With my son, I lost a lot of weight during my pregnancy, a total of 45 pounds. I think definitely the nausea contributed to this, I just wasn't very hungry throughout my pregnancy. My big boy was born early at 36 weeks and still weighed 7.5 pounds! The doctor says he would have been a 9-10 punder if he would have waited until 40 weeks to come. This time around I only lost some weight during first trimester, but have gained a total of five pounds. I get super hungry in the mornings and for lunch, but after 4 pm I am done for the day. We still have 20 weeks to go so we will see where I end up weight wise then. 

Last but definitely not least, this pregnancy I am TIRED! From the very beginning the fatigue hit hard. That was actually the reason why I took a pregnancy test, I fell asleep on the couch which never happens. So I knew something was up. With my son it was the complete oppossite. I was full of energy, working out, going on walks and stayed very active. Now all I want to do is lay down and nap lol. Everyone says it is because now I have a 3 year old running around and I have to keep up with him. 

I will come back and give another update at 30 weeks :) 

After a few months of trying, our baby wish came true! We are expecting baby #2 June 2022 and we could not be more excited. Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates!

In my last blog post, I talked to you about the new addition to our laundry routine, Ensueno®  Complete Laundry Solution. It has been a few weeks since we started using this trio, and let me tell you we are still very happy with it!

Ensueño products are designed to work better when used together. We have been using their liquid laundry detergent, max fabric softener and scent booster dryer sheets. Honestly, using all products from Ensueño for our laundry has made a huge difference in our clothes and our moods.

These past few weeks using Ensueño Complete Laundry Solution, we have noticed a few things I would like to share with you:

  • What you smell is what you get! Literally, the clothes smell wonderful right out of the dryer, and the scent continues even weeks after washing. Nothing beats that moment when you first open the dryer after a freshly finished load. That fresh smell, and warm clothes are guaranteed to get you in a good mood!  We love the scent, it is very pleasant and fresh, exactly what we look for in laundry products.  My husband and toddler definitely approve! We have been using their Spring Fresh scent, I love that all of their scents are inspired by nature. What’s even better is that they use plant-based softening formulas in their fabric softener! 

  • Goodbye wrinkles, goodbye static!! Their dryer sheets are amazing, we have noticed a big difference in our clothes. Most clothes go straight from the dryer into our closet or drawers, no ironing needed, which is a huge plus for me! Their sheets also help prevent static. 

  • Softness,softness, softness! Our clothes are incredibly soft after each wash, believe me, my toddler and husband really appreciate this. The best is when we wash our bedding, we all sleep like babies on cloud 9, literally. 

*Pro tip: If you ever forget your clothes in the dryer, and when you go back for them you notice your clothes are super wrinkled, do not panic, I have the perfect solution for this! You can simply add an ice cube to the dryer with your clothes, and dry for 5-10 minutes! The water from the ice cube acts as a steamer and your clothes will be wrinkle-free in no time! Let me know if you try this :)

I think I speak for many when I say laundry can be a hassle sometimes. But with our Ensueño laundry solution we enjoy doing our laundry, and even more putting away our clothes. Doing laundry has become something we actually look forward to! 

 Ensueño products can be found by using the store locator with the UTM link:


This post has been sponsored by Ensueno. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Does anybody else feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get things done? I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way. 

Between my full job as an educator, raising a toddler, creating content, and school, I feel like the chores are endless. I can’t deny, I feel extremely accomplished when I get it done, it brings a huge sense of accomplishment and relief. 

As a busy, working mama I am always looking for ways to make my life easier and better. I create a weekly schedule and write down what chores need to get done around the house each day. From there, I check off each time I complete a task, something about checking it off that list just makes me feel much better. I love finding products and services that help me check off multiple tasks off my list at once. 

One of the most common chores on my checklist is doing laundry. With my son loving to snack all day, play outside, run around and dirty his clothes every two hours it seems, I feel like our hampers are always full. As summer quickly approaches, I expect sunnier days and more time playing outside, so you know our loads will only increase. 

Every single time I finish a load I feel so accomplished and ready to take on life. I started using Ensueno® complete laundry solution, which includes the liquid laundry detergent, max fabric softener and scent booster dryer sheets. So far, I have nothing but positive things to say about it. You can find them using the UTM link here.

I usually struggle trying to find a detergent and fabric softener with matching or complimenting scents, so this makes it much easier. Honestly, the best thing is when I open the dryer to start folding clothes and I get a whiff of that scent… it is the best! 

I love and appreciate good scents, you can ask my husband about my perfume and body spray collection. Ensueño does not disappoint, it leaves our clothes not only smelling good but also feeling soft and fluffy. Not going to lie, I spend more time than I should just smelling the clothes as I’m folding.

Like I mentioned, I love finding ways to make my life easier and better. One thing I really like about the Ensueño solution is that their scent booster dryer sheets help reduce wrinkles and static. I love that I am able to skip the ironing of clothes, and they can go straight from the dryer into our closet and drawers. 

Mamas, finding ways to save some time is a must!! So if you are able to tackle drying and wrinkles in one step, you definitely should. 

If you have been looking for ways to help you boost your laundry routine, this set is for you! It seriously makes doing laundry so much better, and something to actually look forward to. This is your chance to check them out and see for yourself why I have been loving this trio.

You can learn more at “https://ensueno.us

but use the UTM tracking link instead here:


Let me know in the comments if you are loving it!

This post has been sponsored by Ensueno. All thoughts and opinions are my own.