How did we hit the 20 week mark already? 

Honestly, time is flying and I feel like baby will be here next thing we know. This pregancy has been a lot different than my pregnancy with my son. I definitely feel very different this time around, inside and out. For starters, my belly popped out the moment I found out I was pregnant lol. At six weeks I already had a bump, I know it was mostly bloating probably, but this never happened with my first pregnancy. 

My bump at 6 weeks. 

Another difference is this baby kicks a whole lot more than my son did. I started feeling movements with my son at aeound 16 weeks, this time around it started at 15 weeks but they were definitely stronger. I am only 20 weeks and this baby is already keeping me up at night with those kicks! Baby definitely wants me moving lol, it kicks me the most if I am sitting or laying. Maybe I can use this as motivation to get more workouts in, right? HA! 

With my son, I lost a lot of weight during my pregnancy, a total of 45 pounds. I think definitely the nausea contributed to this, I just wasn't very hungry throughout my pregnancy. My big boy was born early at 36 weeks and still weighed 7.5 pounds! The doctor says he would have been a 9-10 punder if he would have waited until 40 weeks to come. This time around I only lost some weight during first trimester, but have gained a total of five pounds. I get super hungry in the mornings and for lunch, but after 4 pm I am done for the day. We still have 20 weeks to go so we will see where I end up weight wise then. 

Last but definitely not least, this pregnancy I am TIRED! From the very beginning the fatigue hit hard. That was actually the reason why I took a pregnancy test, I fell asleep on the couch which never happens. So I knew something was up. With my son it was the complete oppossite. I was full of energy, working out, going on walks and stayed very active. Now all I want to do is lay down and nap lol. Everyone says it is because now I have a 3 year old running around and I have to keep up with him. 

I will come back and give another update at 30 weeks :)