Arian took his first bath when he was one week old! We decided we didn’t want him to take a bath before that, after researching the importance of preserving his natural oils for as long as possible.
I remember my mom was at our house helping us unpack, organize and clean our new home. Arian had a blowout, so I knew it was time for a bath! I was soooo scared…. you know, regular first time mom feelings… what else is new?
I remember thinking “What if he slips off my soapy, slippery hands? What if I accidentally hit his head against the faucet?” So I decided my mom should help, she bathed him holding him in her arms under the bathroom sink. He was so fragile and tiny, but he didn’t even cry! It was a quick bath and all his little, sweet smelling body needed.
After that, Alex and I starting bathing him. It was winter time so we weren’t doing it every day, it was mostly every 3-4 days! I would prep the kitchen sink: wash it, lay out his blooming bath flower (pictured), get his shampoo and body wash ready, and wait for Alex to bring him. Meanwhile, Alex would undress him and wrap him in his towel, then bring him out. Arian loved his blooming bath!!! He relaxed and enjoyed the warm water.
At about four months I decided it was time to try something new. We tried the angelcare baby bath! At this point, Arian did not like laying down, even in his car seat he would try to lift his weight up to sit up. He definitely did not like the positioning of the bath tub… he cried and yelled. We tried it one more time and once again it was not a nice experience for him.
We went back to his blooming bath flower and he was able to sit up more straight so he loved it. At 5.5 months this is still our go to for bath time! I am a little sad because he’s starting to outgrow it, so I will look for a replacement. Looking for something where he can be sitting up, I think he feels more in control when he’s sitting up compared to laying back. I mean, who doesn’t?
Anyway, I will update y’all once I find the perfect replacement ! If you have any recommendations please share them below, thank you!
Adiós 🥰