Labor Story Part 2

November 14, 2019

This is a continuation to the first part of my Labor Story. If you need a refresher or need to read it, you can find it here.

- - - 

There I was. All alone in the OR room, not the delivery room since they were all full. Finally I hear Alex’s voice. 

I turn to the door and there he was, entering the room. And right behind him was Doctor Carson, our doctor. 

I was so happy to see them both! We had no time to talk and catch up. All I remember was Dr. Carson telling me the baby was working his way down. 

She told me she wanted me to start pushing, she said I would need to push for 10 seconds and they would count it down. She said, “whenever you feel the contraction coming I need you to start pushing.”

This was it! The moment I had been preparing for for 8 months, the moment I knew was going to be painful but beautiful at the same time. I was excited, nervous, scared, everything you can think of, I was feeling.

I remember the pain was so intense, every time I would feel the contraction coming I would cover my ears. Up to this day I still don’t know why I was covering my ears, it felt good in that moment. 

Remember, Alex missed the whole part leading up to this moment so this whole time he thought I had gotten the epidural.

The moment came, I felt the contraction coming and I knew I needed to push. I warned them I felt it coming and they all started counting down, including Alex. I was grabbing and squeezing Alex’s hands and covering my ears whenever I could.

I continued pushing every time I felt a contraction and every single time I would ask “can see you him yet?” Finally, I felt a huge amount of pressure and I knew that was him pushing through.

One of the nurses, who was on my left side kept telling me to grab my legs from the outside. That didn’t feel right to me, it was so uncomfortable so I kept pushing my legs down from the inside. 

At some point, after telling me to not grab from the inside, she grabbed my hands firmly and moved them to the outside. I was furious. 

Everyone tells you to listen to your body and to do what feels right. I told her to stop touching me and Alex told her to stay away. Doctor Carson then told her to let me do what I had to do. She backed away.

At this point I felt a strong urge to stretch my back. Remember I had been laying in the same position for a few hours now. My back was tired and sore.

I asked doctor Carson if I could stretch my back and the same nurse that had grabbed my arms said “NO! You can’t.” Doctor Carson then told me once the next contraction was done I could.

I pushed for ten seconds again, then I knew I could stretch. My body was urging me to lift my hips up and stretch out my back. It was the weirdest feeling, my body telling me  to do it and it felt SOOOO GOOD. 

I am sure everyone in that room was probably confused lol. But oh well, it felt good in the moment !

Right after that I felt even more pressure, and Doctor Carson told me this push would be it!!! 

Right at that moment they called people in. There was a group of 5-7 interns who rushed in to watch me deliver the baby!!! 

They had asked if it was okay to have interns watch if possible. I said as long as they are watching and not actively participating it’s okay. I never thought there would be 7 of them!

Anyway, no time to ask questions or focus on them. I had a baby trying to make his prime entrance into the world! 

I took a big breath and pushed!!! And y’all, let me tell you the ring of fire is real!!!

I felt a burning sensation in my entire body, baby Arian was crowning!!! 

After that I just pushed a little more and the most beautiful moment .... we heard his cry!!! 

Alex cut his umbilical cord and right after they placed him on my chest for our first skin to skin.

In this moment nothing else mattered. The pain I had been through, the crazy experience I had leading up to delivery, and the non caring nurses I came across, none of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was my beautiful baby boy! 

After some time with my precious boy, they handed him over to Alex since I was still not done. Doctor Carson said she needed me to push one more time. My placenta still needed to be delivered!

It was a quick push and not painful at all. After that, my first question was, “did I tear?” She said yes, then I asked “will I need stitches?” She said yes! 

This was the one thing I was the most scared of, after all the stories I had heard and read about I was very nervous about these stitches and the healing!

Thankfully it was not as bad as I thought! I mean after everything my body had been through this seemed so minimal. 

And the rest is history! Baby boy was healthy, I was okay and our little family was complete! 

Even though it was a difficult experience and I feel like I was tested, I am glad I experienced it all. I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I learned so much not only about the system but about myself! I learned I am stronger than I ever thought I could be, and my body is amazing and it knows what it’s doing. 

Remember you are your biggest advocate! Listen to your bodies (as long as baby is safe) and go with your gut feeling! You got this mama!

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